The Jacksons: Bellbottoms to Rock Bottom

They were once the mighty Jackson Five, the undisputed kings of Motown, raking in seven-figure paychecks for single performances and selling more than 100 million albums, second only to the Beatles.

But the band of brothers has fallen on hard times since then. The New York Post recently interviewed three of the nine Jackson children and looked into their finances. The newspaper learned that one of the brothers stocks groceries, another repairs cars and others live at home with parents, Joe and Katherine, who, themselves, are at risk of losing their five-acre mansion.

Superstar sibling Michael Jackson, who has given money to his brothers in the past, seems to have turned his back on them. He never made good on his promise to take them back on tour after his 2004 child molestation trial ended.

The last time they shared a stage, he paid them each just $1,100 dollars, according to the Post, for performing at his 2001 star-studded concert where he celebrated 30 years in the music business. In contrast, he reportedly paid Marlon Brando $1 million just to appear.

Of course, one reason for this may be that Michael has his own financial troubles to worry about. Until recently his Neverland Ranch was headed for the auction block. And he hasn't produced a blockbuster hit in years.

The Jackson sisters, on the other hand, seem to be financially stable. Janet Jackson is even rumored to be the family breadwinner.

Here's a look at that famous family and their finances now.

Father Joe Jackson, 79

The hard-driving patriarch who drove his boys to success now peddles schemes to replenish his bank account. According to the New York Post, he hustles several girl singing groups in Las Vegas and a book about his family, in Germany. When Michael was on trial, he demanded payment for interviews. He has berated his superstar son for not helping out the family in recent years. "Charity begins at home," he said in a 2005 interview, according to the Post. "Michael should think about that."

Katherine Jackson, 77

Katherine is a stay-at-home housewife and the only family member in contact with Michael, according to the Post. She presides over the family's Encino, Calif., mansion, called Hayvenhurst, where, in recent years, workers have gone for months without paychecks. Should the parents lose their home to debts, daughter Janet has already purchased them a new home in Las Vegas.

Michael Jackson, 49

Earlier this year, Michael released a 25-year anniversary edition of his best-selling album "Thriller." But his last album of new music, "Invincible," sold millions less than previous releases and showed that the "King of Pop" is actually quite vulnerable.

Since his 2004 trial on child molestation charges, for which he was acquitted, creditors have been after Michael and nearly foreclosed on his famous Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif. Earlier this week, real estate investment firm Colony Capital took over the reported $23.5 million loan on the 2,700-acre property, and Michael said he is in the process of negotiating payment terms.

Janet Jackson, 41

The current family breadwinner, Janet is said to be worth upward of $150 million. Billboard named her one of the top-ten best-selling artists in the history of contemporary music. On the acting front, she continues to land roles, including star turn in Tyler Perry's hit "Why Did I Get Married?"

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